Accident & Emergency Services
The unit is open 24-hours and 7 days a week. All emergency cases will be attended by our very experienced Medical Officer specially trained to handle trauma and emergency cases and a team of highly experienced nurses. Referral to specialist is done immediately when necessary.

Person in-charge Pn. Nur Ain Mohamad Aroff
Phone No 05-8071049 (ext 102)
Fax No 05-8063713 / 05-8041049

Admission & Discharge Procedure
Thank you for choosing Taiping Medical Centre. We deliver quality care and medical treatment, therefore your health and comfort are our primary concern. We are here to Serve and Delivering Quality Healthcare Services to our customers.

Please bring along with you the following documents to facilitate a proper admission;
  • Malaysian Identity Card
  • Passport ( if foreigners)
  • Birth Certificate if under 12 years old
  • Your doctors letter or referral letter
  • Guarantee letter /Insurance Hospitalization card/deposit for self payment

A deposit base on your estimated/anticipated is to be paid on admission. For Corporate and Insurance patients, a guarantee letter acceptable by the hospital management can be given in lieu of deposit. During your stay in hospital, you will be regularly updated on further deposit required, if any. Hospital bills become due and payable at the time of discharge

You will be discharged upon the consultant's advice. Your nurse will present you with your outpatient appointment card. You will be able to settle your bill at the cashier's counter on the third floor.

Person in-charge General Line
Phone No 05-8071049 / 05-8071971
Fax No 05-8063713 / 05-8041049
Among the insurance panel accepted by us are:

  • Micares
  • Etiqa Insurance & Takaful
  • Prudential BSN Takaful
  • Prudential
  • AIA
  • Great Eastern
  • Asia Assistance
  • Am Assurance
  • Emas
  • PM Care
  • Medilink Global
  • MAA Assurance
  • Hong Leong Assurance
  • Crescent
  • Tokio Marine Insurance Group
  • Compumed
  • MediExpress
  • IHM
  • Kurnia
  • Manulife
  • Affin
  • Uni Asia
  • Mediscreen
  • Allianz
  • Tokio Marine
Diagnostic Imaging Services
Diagnostic Imaging Services at Taiping Medical Centre is staffed by Radiologists & Radiographers .

The services provides highest level of image quality and patient safety in the following areas:-
  • General Diagnostic Radiology
  • Computed Tomography (CT Scan)

Person in-charge Pn. Nurul Ain Md Diah
Phone No 05-8071049 (ext 115)
Fax No 05-8063713 / 05-8041049
Health Information Management Services
Health Information Management Services is responsible for keeping and maintaining medical health records in a standardized and professional manner in order to protect patient confidentiality while allowing adequate access to providers in order to promote quality patient care.

The hard copy of the patient health records are part of the electronic records which still have to be kept due the legal requirement and for future references. Medical health records will be kept confidential and not to be released to any unauthorized persons. Health Information System Services shall keep the medical records as required under the law limitation period.

Person in-charge Pn. Nurul Ain Abdul Wahid
Phone No 05-8071049 (ext 116/149)
Fax No 05-8063713 / 05-8041049
Hemodialysis Unit
We perform 2 sessions of hemodialysis per day except on Sundays. (commencement times are 7.00am and 12.00pm)

On Public Holidays, the unit remains open for treatment as well. We also cater for foreign tourists who are visiting the region with prior appointment. Upon your visit, patients are required to provide Dialysis Treatment Data for our reference.We have 11 machines and the unit is opened daily (except Sunday) from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm

Our Dialysis Unit also provides isolation facility for Hepatitis B patients.

Person in-charge Pn. Ruziana Abd Rahman
Phone No 05-8071049 (ext 133)
Fax No 05-8063713 / 05-8041049
Facilities in Hemodialysis unit:

  • Modern Haemodialysis &Haemodiafiltration services for patient.
  • More tolerable treatment with fully air-conditioned room, satellite television & WiFi Services
  • Isolation Room
Home Nursing Services
Home Nursing Services is a service rendered to all clients who require support and continuity of care in their home.

Person in-charge Pn. Parimala Devi
Phone No 05-8071049 (ext 102)
Fax No 05-8063713 / 05-8041049

Care of the Mother
  • Episiotomy wound
  • Caesarean wound
  • Breast feeding
  • Vital signs
  • Tenderness of calf muscle
  • Diet and post natal exercise advise

Care of the Baby
  • Bathing of the baby
  • Care of the umbilical cord
  • Check for jaundice
  • Promote successful breast feeding
Pharmacy Services
Taiping Medical Centre provides 24-hours comprehensive Pharmacy services to all inpatients and outpatients of our hospital which also complements our 24-hours Accident and Emergency Services.

Person in-charge Cik. Nur Liyana Roslan
Phone No 05-8071049 (ext 207)
Fax No 05-8063713 / 05-8041049
Physiotherapy Services
Physiotherapy Services at Taiping Medical Centre aims to provide excellent patient care. Physiotherapy treatment covers a wide range of physical problems especially Musculo-skeletal treatment and prevention of disorder. We cater to the needs of the Hospital's inpatients. Most conditions treated by our physiotherapist require a short course of treatment

Person in-charge En. Ahmad Taufiq Adha Kasmin
Phone No 05-8071049 (ext 221)
Fax No 05-8063713 / 05-8041049